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Caloosa Winnies of Southwest Florida

WIT Club Chapter of Excellence 1996-2016

Caloosa Winnies of South Florida

Caloosa Winnies of Southwest Florida Newsletters


The Caloosa Winnies publish a newsletter for every outing they participate in. We hope you enjoy these moments in time

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2020-03-10 Caloosa Cruise

03-10-2020 Caloosa Cruise

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The WIT Club, Winnebago International Travelers, is the national organization based in Forest City, Iowa. The Caloosa Winnies are chartered under the WIT Club. To become a member of the Caloosa Winnies, if you are not a member of the WIT Club, the first step is to  review their many benefits and membership information at You will be issued a WIT number and membership packet. Once you have applied to WIT you are welcome to join the Caloosa Winnies!

Last updated: Friday December 31, 2021