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WIT Club Chapter of Excellence 1996-2016



Febuary 2012 outing

pictures by Nancy Miller


February 2 – 5, 2012 the Caloosa Winnies traveled to Lazy Days RV Park in Seffner, Florida to celebrate a NASCAR weekend theme! This was also our annual Friendship Rally. THANKS to Chris & Bob Ross, Jim & Sally Rayburn, Gary & Gail Darner for co-hosting such an action packed weekend! Thursday at 4:00pm was our “Drivers Meeting Happy Hour” followed by a race track menu of grilled hot dogs and Chili, along with many great side dishes contributed to the menu. The “Drivers” did a great job of grilling for us.  We had guests visiting for the weekend, Bob & Gloria Hotovy, Wes & Sally Sims, Les & Marcia Sindland who are from Connecticut.  Some of members of Spacecoast Winnies also joined us, we welcomed them all to share in our fun weekend. All totaled we had 38 coaches present.


Our Ice Cream Social was next – “scooped” by our volunteers, (who ever got to the table first!) complete with all kinds of goodies to make sundaes! Chris Ross had a Trivia Game for the group, we all racked our brains for the answers. Tony Stewart’s Team won, Pete Wightman, Jan Sidebottom, John Thurston, Martha Whisenant, Charlie Zucker, Marcia Sindland and Ed Young. Must be you all are the experts! There was a lot of competition from another rally group in the room so it was pretty loud but we did enjoy their music!


Friday morning dawned a beautiful Florida winter day, and the usual cooks got the morning off as we had the Lazy Days caterer put on a pancake & french toast breakfast for us. After we “Fueled Up” we did “Lap Time Trials” as we all hit the track to Yuengling Brewery for a tour! After sampling the different brews we were off to lunch nearby. The “Drivers Meeting” at 4:00pm found us sharing beverages and snacks while taking part in a money raffle. After the winners were given their prizes we were off again to Golden Corral for a great buffet dinner. Back at the “Hauler” – (Rec Hall) we got ready for the “Daytona Races”. Jerry Miller and Chris Ross took the bets and soon the cars were racing down the track to the finish line! A lot of cheering and hollering came from the grandstands! After the track was cooled off many folks stayed around to play quieter games.


Saturday morning was our “Sprint Cup” Potluck Breakfast – again sharing such a huge variety of great food! At 10:00am, Chief Flagger “President” Corinne Wightman called the “Owners” business meeting to order. Much discussion centered around our upcoming March Rally.  Corinne announced that Hotovy’s, Sims and Sindland decided to become members and we welcomed them once again! It was also announced we have another new member who are Sunnybrook Fifth Wheel owners, thanks to Sally & Jim Rayburn recruiting them! Ron & Carol Mazuk will be welcomed at our next meeting. Following the meeting a “Pit Crew Meeting” was held to go over details about our parking duties for the March Rally. We are organized and ready to handle the task!


The rest of the afternoon was free time with shopping, conversation groups, and just relaxing. “Drivers Meeting” at 4:00pm was followed by “Hot Rod Pizza Night” Papa John’s delivered and with all the side dishes we had – it was a feast and gone in no time!


“Bean Bag Tire Toss” was the game up next. 2 inflatable tires we placed next to each other then a small airplane tire placed in front of them. Teams had to throw the bean bags and got points for getting inside the tire. As you can imagine, there was so much hoopin’ & hollerin’ the noise level was pretty high! Competition was tough and the winners were the Jimmy Johnson’s Team. Janice Cummings, Bill Palmer, Jane Palmer, Sam Qualls, Lucy Rae, Jim Rayburn, Ginny Sanborn, Bob Ross, Gerry Sementilli, and Wes Sims. A GREAT bunch of pitchers for sure!!


Sunday morning our group met once again for our “Victory Lane” breakfast of donuts, bagels, and beverages to end a wonderful weekend! THANKS to Chris & Bob for all the ideas and fun games, and all the members for being such good sports! As we said farewell for a while, we were all anticipating our next adventure – the March Rally!

Submitted by

Nancy Miller