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WIT Club Chapter of Excellence 1996-2016



May 2011 outing

Pictures by Nancy Miller

May 5 – 8, 2011 the Caloosa Winnies celebrated “Kentucky Derby Weekend” at Alligator Park in Punta Gorda, FL. Happy Hour was held at 4:00pm on Thursday, followed with a Ham Dinner provided by the hosts John & Lydia Ryan, Pete & Corinne Wightman and Charlie & Ellen Zucker. The members brought great side dishes and after dinner it was time for the Ice Cream Social. The rest of the evening we all enjoyed playing cards and games.

Friday morning the “Pancake Crew” cooked sausage and pancakes for breakfast for everyone. At 10:00am everyone met at the Miller’s coach to begin a team Scavenger Hunt. It was a nice morning for a walk and looking for answers to the questions! After lunch, we all carpooled to Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda to embark on a Harbor Boat Cruise. The weather changed and it began to rain but it didn’t bother us as we were under cover. For dinner we all went to the Village Fish Market with view overlooking the waterfront. Later in the evening we returned to the clubhouse for a game – a word search puzzle about horses! The teams worked hard and fast for the answers and it was a fun time! Later several games of cards and “Nickels” were going on around the room.

Saturday morning dawned cooler and a Potluck Breakfast was held at the clubhouse! It’s always amazing how many different dishes are prepared – what a bunch of great cooks! The business meeting was held at 10:00am and once again Charlie & Ellen Zucker presided. They gave a HUGE thanks to all the members for handling the parking at the March rally. Soon it was time for lunch and the hosts prepared Walking Tacos for everyone! This is a traditional Iowa food – always enjoyed at GNR in July! The rest of the afternoon was free time for enjoying the pool and catching up on conversations!

At 4:30pm our Kentucky Derby Party began with everyone supplying the Hors D’Oeuvres and snacks in lieu of dinner. The Caloosa “Raffle Chicks” Lydia Ryan and Corinne Wightman sold some tickets for a money raffle which made some members REALLY happy when they won! All members were asked to bring a decorated hat in observance of the Derby tradition. We had a Hat Parade – everyone marched around the room and a group photo was taken! Judges for the event were residents of the park who came to join in the fun! The “Caloosa Winnies Mint Juleps” were served, bets were placed on the Derby horses on TV and the races were off! The winners of the Hat Contest were Lydia Ryan, Ellen Zucker, Dennis Heitman, Gail Darner and Frank Sementilli! GREAT imagination you all!

Later in the evening the winning teams were announced and presented their prizes for the Scavenger Hunt. 1st Place winners were Dennis Heitman, Gary Darner & Charlie Zucker; 2nd place Jerry Miller, Bob Ross and Mary Heitman; 3rd place Frank Sementilli, Chris Ross & Lydia Ryan. At 7:00pm the Winnebago Races were on tap – plastic RV’s were set up on rows and the dice rolled, bets were placed and the RV’s moved along based on the dice numbers. It was a fun time and brought lots of cheers and laughs!

Sunday morning we met for a continental breakfast of donuts, bagels and croissants. Since this was our last meeting until fall there were some goodbyes until GNR as many of our members are planning the trip to Forest City!