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WIT Club Chapter of Excellence 1996-2016

Caloosa Winnies

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  By Nancy Miller  

Camping in the Sunshine State is always a great time – but sometimes the sunshine turns “liquid” as was the case for the Caloosa’s February 1 – 4, 2007 weekend! However, that did not dampen our spirits – just changed our    agenda a bit! A RECORD of 17 coaches rallied together at Sun Lake RV Park in Ruskin, Florida! Co-hosts were Sue & Bill Fuss and Ruby & Chuck Bagby. Other members attending were Janet & Bill Burbage, Bob & Jackie Coy, Bud & Paula Geng, Cathy & Al Goebel, Kathryn Griffin, Jack & Lorene MacGregor (who were recently married – congratulations!) Nancy & Jerry Miller, Jim & Sally Rayburn, JoAnne Weber, Lee & Zeline Wishing, Barbara Wood, Ellen & Charlie Zucker. Guests attending were Mikki & Dick Dodge, WIT Eastern Area Reps, Maxine & Nick Traino, John Peacock & Carol Mastro. Phil & Shirley Halstead also joined us for part of the weekend, with their guests Bridgett & Cliff Gilmore.

Thursday at 4 pm was Happy Hour, followed with dinner served by the hosts. Lasagna and all the trimmings was on the menu, with Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. After the wonderful dinner, bingo was on the agenda. Charlie Zucker was the bingo caller, and he livened up the game for sure! Al Goebel was the big jackpot winner!

Friday morning dawned cloudy and rainy. After breakfast we gathered in the recreation hall to work on the Florida Rally decorations. Some of the group went to see the Manatees at the nearby park, others worked on more decorations. At 2pm was “batters up” for bean bag baseball! The men vs. the women – the teams were set. First game – the women won. Second game - the men won. So it was decided to have a playoff game on Saturday to determine the champs. Happy Hour began at 4pm, then we caravanned to Ozzie’s Restaurant nearby. This was a new buffet restaurant and the food was outstanding! After dinner we returned to the campground and played cards and dominoes.

Saturday morning was cold and rainy, however, we felt very fortunate to be where we were as a tornado ripped through parts of Florida Friday night about 75 miles from where we were. Luckily we only had wind & rain. Our “Pitch in” breakfast was the BEST – such a variety of wonderful food prepared by the best cooks! At 10am was our business meeting with much discussion concerning the rally plans. Our group will be handling the decorations, Pet Parade, a craft project and selling tickets for the Winnie Gators charity raffle. During the meeting we were PROUD to announce John Peacock and Carol Mastro decided to join our group and we heartily welcomed them as new members.

After lunch at 3pm our beanbag baseball playoff game began! Men vs. Women. Who would be the champions? Inning by inning the team scores changed from winners to losers, and the drama continued to the 7th and last inning. The score was Men 23, Women 24. The women’s score at the end of team play was 24, the men were up. What a surprise when they STRUCK OUT – 3 outs in a row, so the Women won!! There was the traditional celebration with the arched tunnel to run though and all!! The men were good sports, and a GREAT time was had by all!

Dick Dodge, WIT Eastern Area Rep. showing his baseball form

Happy Hour was again at 4pm. Sue Fuss put pictures on the walls of members from the “old days” showing wedding pictures, childhood and high school pictures and we had to guess who was who. It was really fun trying to guess, and a few pictures really did stump us. Dinner was Roast Beef prepared by the hosts and Potluck contributions by the rest of the group. A special ice cream cake was unveiled to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary for Sally & Jim Rayburn. After dinner some of the members played cards and dominoes once again.

Sunday morning breakfast was served at 8:30 am with donuts, bagels, coffee and juice. Soon it was time to pack up and head home. This was truly a wonderful, memorable weekend! Our membership is growing and we invite anyone to visit with us if you’re in our area! Check “Who’s Inviting Travelers” and spend a weekend with our group! We’ll leave the light on for you…

Nancy Miller