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WIT Club Chapter of Excellence 1996-2016


April Outing 2012

Pictures by Nancy Miller

April 12 – 15, 2012 the Caloosa Winnies held an “Island In The Sun Adventure” at Pine Island/KOA RV Resort in St. James City, FL.  The decorations were very tropical and most of the members were decked out in grass skirts, leis, tropical shirts, all so colorful!  22 coach families were present and the party got kicked off on Thursday with Happy Hour in the clubhouse. Visitors James & Marge Carney were introduced and welcomed by everyone! The hosts for the weekend were John & Ella Thurston, Charlie & Ellen Zucker, Chris & Bob Ross. They prepared “Souper Chicken” for dinner and the members brought side dishes to make the dinner complete. The Caloosa traditional Ice Cream Social was served with lots of ice cream sundaes made by each person. The game of the evening was called “Tropical Memory”. A box of 22 tropical items was displayed in a box for each team for 1 minute. The team had to make a list of what they could remember in a time limit! After the game several tables of card games completed the evening.

Friday morning our Pancake Cooks were at work serving breakfast. At 10:00am the Scavenger Hunt teams were assigned and given a list of things to look for as they walked around the park. It was a nice day and the teams found most of the items! The rest of the afternoon was free for exploring the island and enjoying the park. Happy Hour at 4:00pm brought the group together again. We left for a barbecue dinner at a local restaurant, “Woody’s Waterside Grill”. We were seated outside with a view of the waterway and the food was great! Back at the park we had another team game – Pineapple Coconut Bowling. Teams were formed and a pineapple was set up as a target. Each team had to roll the coconut as close as possible to the pineapple and got points scored for their effort. There was lots of laughing and comments made and everyone had fun! The winning team of Ellen Zucker, Jerry Miller, Paula Geng and Bob Ross collected their prizes! It is noted that the pineapples were later carved and added to the Saturday Ham Dinner!

Saturday morning Potluck Breakfast was a HUGE hit with so many great dishes! It’s always amazing we have such a variety! The business meeting was held at 10:00am, Corinne Wightman, President, presided and the business was conducted. Corinne announced the Carneys decided to become Caloosa members and the group gave them a round of applause! The meeting was adjourned at 10:30am. The rest of the day was free time with preparations being made for dinner in the clubhouse. Happy Hour at 4:00pm brought out the REAL tropical costumes – it was fun to see so many getting into the theme! Prizes were awarded to the best costumed members! At 5:30pm the Ham Dinner was served, again, with lots of delicious side dishes!

After dinner was settled the next game was on tap! This was a team event again – “Sand Pail Toss”. Each team had a sand pail and shovel. They had 3 ping pong balls on the shovel and had to try to get them into the sand pail! Points were awarded for the total number of ping pong balls that made it into the pail! It was such a fun event – again – lots of laughing and cheering on the teammates! The winners were Jane O’Neill, Sue Swift, Sam Qualls, Marge Carney, Jack Bleakley, and Bob Ross.

Sunday morning breakfast of donuts, bagels, juice and coffee was served before we made our way back over the bridge off the island! It was a fun weekend with good weather, great facilities and SUPER friends!

Nancy Miller